Friday, August 19, 2011

Taking Off

Ranch Reflections
Sunday, I will be heading up to Estes Park with Coni for the Plein Air Rockies. We will be staying with Peg Immel and Patrice Walker at a nice little place on the edge of town. I  feel pretty ready and hope that the weather will stay nice- we plan on painting early at sunrise and sunset- trying to capture the best color of the day.- well that is the plan anyway.

I have been packing so carefully as in the past I have forgotten things and wished that I would have taken the time to get everything that I needed.  I was extremely careful with colors- trying to not forget any that I might need- which isn't a problem with white as I hide it around my Cruiser and painting bags like an alcoholic hides small bottles of a favorite liquor.

I was walking around Alco the other day and found these:
LED lighted glasses! You too can own a pair of these!!! I am hoping they will work well for painting nocturnes in Estes Park- the lights aren't as bright as other LED lights and all I need is more of a light glow than anything else.  I will report on these babies later!  Well I will try to post from Estes if at all possible- I may just collapse into bed when not painting so I can't make any promises.

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