Monday, August 29, 2011

Back from Estes Park

A Rainy Arrival
It was a long trip to Estes as we stopped in Boulder at the Earthwood Gallery to drop off paintings and traffic was rather heavy along Hwy 6 to Lyons. After arriving and checking in and the Cultural Arts Council, we decided to eat with Sterling Hoffman and get the scoop on how the Plains to Prairies show went since Sterling judged it. By the time we got all of our piddling done it started raining and we weren't able to paint and I was annoyed- and worried that it might rain every afternoon - thereby ruining our paint early and late plan.

The next morning was an early one- we were up at 4:30 and out of the room by 5:30 - heading to Sprague Lake to paint. The Alpenglow lasts for such a short amount of time - very difficult.

Hallett Peak at sunrise
Above is a picture of the scene I wanted to paint- I decided to concentrate entirely on one peak so of course I picked Hallett.  It truly is a strangely shaped peak but I decided to jump in and take the Hallett Peak painting challenge, like all of the painters before me...

Here is my rendition of Hallett Peak- I think it looks pretty pointy and there was virtually no shadows- I added the shadow at the right just to give it a little definition.  I felt better because I had a painting under my belt. After I finished I did another painting of Hallett but am not happy with it- and have not yet taken any pictures. We will see if it can be saved and I will post later if I can pull it off.

We were invited to Judy Archibald's house for a get together- mostly a meet and greet- she has great views and a beautiful deck-- it was nice meeting some of the artists and catching up with the people I haven't seen in a while.

Later that evening we were to paint a nocturne- this is a picture of the place that I picked- my painting didn't turn out the way I had hoped so I decided that I am going to have to work on the nocturne business.


eldon warren said...

Hi Susan, We're glad you guys got home safely. It can be a long week or so when you're away from home painting.
It was great getting to paint a little of it with you and the others. We're going to have to do it again soon!

Susan McCullough said...

Hey Eldon- I am glad you got home safely too- it's tough to drive through those winding mountains at night. It was nice painting with you as well- I really liked your art show at Earthwood.