Monday, July 1, 2013

Santa Fe Plein Air

"Clouds Rolling In" - Second place- Plein Air Santa Fe- 2013
Well as I am getting ready for the PAAC paint out at Crested Butte, I thought I would report on the Santa Fe Plein Air event.

It was hot and dry but thoroughly enjoyable.  I think I had so much fun because Peggy Immel and I got to paint together for a week and we stayed at Nancy and Horoshi's beautiful home in Santa Fe.
Besides that, the event was extremely well run and that always makes the trip worthwhile.

I also had fun because I won an award- My painting "Clouds Rolling In" won second place-yay!!

David Montgomery took a picture of me standing in front of my paintings...
Thanks to gary Kim for allowing the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico to sponsor this event from his Gallery on East Alameda Street in Santa Fe- just of few blocks east of the Governors Inn.

Well it's time to get packing for the next trip- I know that Crested Butte will be beautiful- Hubby and I went 4 wheeling through there this last weekend.. thw wildflowers are gorgeous!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

After the Rain

My painting from the previous post....

The San Luis Valley usually looks rather dusty in the spring due to the high winds but the colors were saturated due to the rain from the day before.

This painting threw a few difficulties my way. I was truly hoping that the leaves would have budded out by now. Trying to achieve the look of branches that are thick with pre-buds, yet are still bare was interesting.  The branches were almost a green tinge but barely perceptible to the naked eye. I also wanted a look of light on the trees as well .  
Every painting has it's own challenges- on to the next one!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Plein Air and Airplanes

Plein air painting can get rather exciting if you are being buzzed by an airplane over and over. Peggy Immel, Coni Grant and I went painting along the Rio Grande River while my hubby and Steve Immel were flying around so that Steve could use his photography skills to get some great shots from the plane. Below- a picture of the guys doing a fly by...

Painting at the Ranch.....
The view was a good one for painting.  Although the trees had not budded out yet, the grasses were green and the willows had a nice soft pickish red color in the distance.  The view.....

I will post the results of this attempt tomorrow..........