Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pilar Again

I was back in Taos again last week.  Coni needed to take some paintings to the Wilder Nightingale Gallery and we met up with the High Desert Painters who were in Taos for the week to paint the lovely spring in Taos and the surounding areas.

The girls called us on the way en route and left us a message that they wanted to paint in Pilar.  We had just passed the Pilar turnoff that winds through Taos Junction and so we decided to try it. I had never gone that way so it was nice seeing where that road from Taos Junction actually went.

About the painting- I had painted from this exact spot a week earlier- (the cute little red and white church) and really wasn't into painting the church again so I painted this little house looking toward the eastern part of Pilar. This was the perfect time to paint this house as the trees were the perfect spring green - just budding out and it was a view that didn't need any changing or rearranging- I could paint it exactly the way it looked. New Mexico is so inspiring this time of year.

We went to Peg Immel's house and bugged her- she was working hard on a retablo until we showed up- she is such a wonderful hostess and never acts like we are imposing on her - hopefully she will get it done.

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