Monday, May 30, 2011

Creede Show on Friday, June 3.

This Friday Night, Coni Dave and I will be having a reception for our show at the Creede Theater in the Upstairs Gallery.  The name of the show is 3 Friends, 3 Painters , 3 Points of View.The reception is from 5:30 to 7:30.  These are a few pictures of the paintings that we will have hanging in the show.

Dave was the hammer and nail guy - 

Here is a large painting of North Clear Creek Falls that I did for the show and some smaller paintings by each of us next to it.
More paintings

These are all paintings that we painted of downtown Creede.

I'm looking forward to the show.  I have been trying to make small truffles for it all week and am trying to plan some other food items.  I'm hoping for a good sized crowd so I keep making more food.  
Try to make it to Creede - it will be a good show!


eldon warren said...

Good luck on Friday Susan. I hope it's a sell out!! The work you're hanging is awesome!!

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks Eldon. I'm hoping we do well up there. I have been making food all week and am tired!

oil painting clean colors said...

All the paintings look great!

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks "oil painting"- they really did hang together well.