Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PAAC paintout - last day

Ojo Sarco Church- Morning View
The last day of the PAAC paint out was a special treat. Peg took us to some amazing country - Ojo Sarco and Llano San Juan. I loved both of the churches and the weather was beautiful.  I painted Ojo Sarco in a straight on view.  It was up on a hill with more elevation directly behind it.  We stopped at the Sugar Nymph Bistro on the way to Llano San Juan for some delicious lattes- we mostly stared at a beautiful coconut cake sitting on the counter the whole time- but none of us ordered- thank goodness Peg had made sandwiches for us or I would have have eaten my fill- not a good thing right now.

Llano San Juan Church

We were pretty much shot by the time we made to this beautiful place so I did a small one, and moved through it rather quickly.  It was the last painting for me on this paintout since we were to drive home that night- and of course spend the next couple of days recovering.


Jo Anne Neely Gomez said...

Love these Susan ... I just love the little churches all over New Mexico.

Susan McCullough said...

Driving around New Mexico is like a treasure hunt- trying to find all of the cool little churches!