Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bird Call

The afternoon at the Snowies was nice- we did quite a bit of driving around.. First we went to the plain to the east of the mountains, looked around and then finally decided that since we had taken the time to drive all the way to the Snowies, we should actually paint them.  So, we went back up on our little dirt road that winds around with all of the beautful lakes and I settled in to paint this scene.  There were a lot of people around and I started to get to work when this young couple started to do bird calls behind me.  I found myself becoming rather annoyed - they were poorly done bird calls.  I found myself trying to tune them out the whole time.. When they finally decided to stop doing the bird calls, I was almost finished with my painting.  

I added some warm touches to the painting and and was pleased with the results.


evat said...

hi , I think you are lucky to be at this beautiful ,quiet ,area ,I hope to be there someday , nice work .

eldon said...

Susan, this piece is tweet, just plain tweet!! Kiddin aside this one really is a fine piece. One of my favorites.

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks evat- I did feel very lucky to be in such a beautiful spot- this area offered an endless amount of painting material.

Susan McCullough said...

Hey eldon- Thanks for the tweet- sure wish you could have been there -- you would love the Snowies!