Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ranch Hand

This is a truck I painted at the Hereford Ranch- not only was I able to get away from painting the pristine barns, but I was able to paint in the shade as well.  Cheyenne was pretty toasty from about 10:30 on in the morning so I apreciated this spot.  This old truck was hidden back behind some buildings and I was able to hide in the small open building across from this scene and take my time.  I wanted to paint some of the streams around in the afternoon but was starting to lose steam- I wasn't sleeping very well at all - and waking up every morning at 4 was starting to take its toll on me.


eldon said...

Wow!! What painting. I really like old trucks and stuff. And you've done a great job of rendering. You go!!

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks Eldon- I am getting into painting old trucks- must be a phase. Ha!

Dr. James said...

This painting is reflective of our economy today. There is work to be done, yet we seem to be standing still. Great work.

Susan McCullough said...

Well said Dr. James!