Monday, November 2, 2009

Before the Snow

It has been snowing quite a bit lately- the days are interesting- one day it will be below freezing and the next day it will be close to 60. I have been trying to get prepared for my show- invitations out, hanging MORE track lighting- just tying up loose ends and I really haven't been that efficient. I walk into my studio and I just start to walk around in circles , not getting much of anything done. The painting above was painted at the ranch right before the first snow- the day after I painted this it was cold and windy and started to snow that morning- I have lost a brush which I believe is over there but still have yet to retrieve it. I hope that I can get a little more excited to paint in the snow- I love the beautiful whites - I just don't like the cold- and inthe San Luis Valley- it does get COLD!

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