Thursday, October 22, 2009

Plein air at First Light

I got up early and went to the ranch as the sun was rising. Actually, sunrise really isn't that early anymore. The light was beautiful - hitting the trees - making them appear as if they were stained glass.
I had an audience as I painted early in the morning- they really were a pretty quiet bunch until they decided to take off and thrash through the willows...


eldon warren said...

It's cool the way those fall leaves glow in that early morning light. You nailed it!

Susan McCullough said...

Hey Eldon- nice to hear from you- thanks, it was so beautiful that morning - I could hear the sandhill cranes fly right over the tops of the trees as they were heading to the ponds.

Coni said...

This is so nice!
-but really,- you passed up a chance paint cows?

Smart Girl.
- C

Susan McCullough said...

Hey Coni
Actually I'm waiting to drag you to the ranch to paint cows- sounds like fun- right?