Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Day in Taos

Coni and I headed off to Taos to spend the day and so that she could take some paintings to Wilder Nightingale gallery to sell. We like to paint as much as we can so thought it would be a good opportunity to paint. I called our friend Kemper Coley to go with us and met up at Wilder Nightingale and then took off. After driving along a dirt road for quite some time we ended up above the gorge located close to some hot springs. It was already around 11 and so the light wasn't the best but it always provides a great challenge- Peg Immel was there finishing up a nice little piece with her friend Dee from down south. Here is a picture of Kemper and Coni hamming it up for the camara.
I tried to do a rather simple painting and saw these bushes with nice shadow patterns and as always I can't pass up anything with a mountain in the background-- so here it is.... I painted on gesso board so it is a little looser than usual.


eldon warren said...

I have a hard time painting on a hard surface of any kind. Looks like you do a good job with them. This is an excellent little plein air painting.

artgirl said...

Thanks Eldon- I used the gessoboard from ampersand and it really grabs the paint- I really like the surface- enough to try some more for sure.