Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Day in Creede

Coni and I plan on spending Memorial weekend at Creede this year for Steven Quiller's artist's weekend and quick draw which is an amazing feat for her to talk me into it. Don't get me wrong- the event should be wonderful fun but it was just hard for me to go back..

It was about 10 years ago and some friends and I and my husband and 4 small children decided to go to Creede for the Memorial weekend and quick draw-- I had never gone to Creede for this event and just wanted to see what it was all about. We arrived early and it was dreadfully cold. Then it started snowing and slightly blowing so we tried to seek shelter in one of the nearby restaurants just for the shelter aspect. We decided to order food since you just can't sit in the restaurant all day and my very small children were getting rather ravenous at this point. There was no room downstairs so we were hustled upstairs by the wait staff who at that point completely forgot about us. It was not really their fault as everyone had decided to do the exact same thing as us and the restaurant was completely crowded and short of staff. After an hour and a half we finally got our food and our fun little group just wasn't as fun any more and my husband and I were fighting. I can't even remember what started our fight or what we were fighting about- it doesn't matter now- but I was hopping mad. That is my recollection of Memorial weekend and I swore I would not go back for this event--- ever.. So we will have to see how it goes- I am going to take alot of warm weather gear- you can bet on that.

Coni and I painted while we were up at Creede for the day- we mostly took pictures around the town to get a feel for the event- it was very windy but we got through it..

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