Friday, May 1, 2009


Ah, the Sangres- so majestic and cold looking- the snow is melting by the day and soon there won't be one more snowflake on these peaks. Challenger is the square peak to the left- that's what Coni told me anyway- and I think that maybe the pointy one to the right is the needle? If I'm wrong- somebody please let me know - ok?


Patrick Myers said...

Sue - Coni's right, the blocky one to the left is Challenger. The pointy one on the right is the summit of Kit Carson Peak. That glacial "arete" that forms the sharp summit is known as "The Prow", a favorite of rock climbers. Cresone Peak and Crestone Needle are south of Kit Carson. Crestone Peak has two summits, and the Needle is a triangular shaped single peak.


Patrick Myers said...

...and the summit to the right of Kit Carson is Columbia Peak, also named after a space shuttle. Crestone Peak and Needle aren't seen in the view in your painting.


eldon warren said...

You guys are having way too much fun!! :) I'd love to get to Taos this time of year. All the new work is there.As far as getting into the mountains to paint tho I'll wait. My rule is not before the first of june. But I'm a kind of a Sally.

artgirl said...

Thanks Patrick, I wish I knew these mountains as well as you do but I am always getting confused-thanks for the info.