Friday, February 27, 2009

Home with a Cold

I am trying very hard to stay at home and recover from SOMETHING- I'm not sure what it is- probably just a cold. But it is so windy outside - I wouldn't be painting anyway-- Hail to Spring in the San Luis Valley!!

Well, anyway, I decided to work on my blog for awhile so you will be noticing small and hopefully positive changes as I learn how to tweak it from Blogger Buster. I didn't start out that great though- I decided to try to minimize the amount of labels I had by using the edit posts section and under label action I used the command Delete and ended up deleting quite a few of my prior blogs- Bummer. And it was my own fault- I need to read directions better. Well, I learned alot from this and will definitely not do that again. I didn't have any posts from late so I am posting a painting that I did this fall and never posted.
This painting was en plein air very close to the Rio Grande River and is close to Joe Zinn's house- an incredible photographer friend of mine.

As I look outside and see dirt blowing everywhere; I'm thinking that maybe I will be painting inside for awhile which is alright as I need to try to get some paintings done before March 9 to submit to a DIA sand Dunes show that will be exhibiting September, 2009.

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