Monday, March 2, 2009

Sicker than a Dog

Well it was my daughter's 18th birthday on Sunday and I really wanted to have a party for her- and was not feeling well at all. I dragged myself to the kitchen to make her requests; fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and banana split desert. I doped myself up pretty well with Tylenol cold medication and Mucinex- as I have learned that mucous truly is my enemy. I made it through the dinner- not with blazing colors but I survived. After the guests left and I immediately retired to bed; somewhere in or out of consciousness I thought "I am sicker than a dog."

Then I thought- have you ever really seen a sick dog? Most dogs I see look pretty healthy - even when I've seen some pretty bad places in foreign countries- the dogs always look pretty happy albeit skinny. The only dog that remember seeing sick was my husband's dog Max. Max was a big, happy black lab that had a terrible habit of sniffing crotches all the time. He also had a habit of gorging himself at dinner time- especially if he got any scraps from the dinner table. Well, we were newly married and I gave him a bunch of scraps to eat and he was fat and happy in the carpeted utility room. All of a sudden I heard this horrible sound and ran to the utility room to find I was too late- he had thrown up everything all over the carpet and now was preceding to eat it AGAIN!!! Yuck!! I threw him outside and cleaned up the slimy mess- and he was left outside for the day.

I really haven't been around that many sick dogs but I think they are usually much healthier than people- I wonder where that saying came from?

I feel much better today but not well enough to paint- sorry......


Eldon Warren said...

I hate it when that happens. I read that it's actually "sick as a dog" since the little buggers are always eating stuff that makes them sick. Sounds like Max. If you are as sick as Max was I'll bet you're feeling mighty poorly. Sorry you got to deal with it. Hope ya get better soon.
Eldon Warren

artgirl said...

Thanks Eldon, I am feeling much better today - now I just have to worry about healing up my kiddo- amazing how it spreads. Sue