Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alamosa River Canyon

Coni and I decided that we really needed to get out and paint so we decided to drive up the Alamosa River Canyon since it has great shadows- even in the middle of the day since the canyon is so narrow. But as there were tracks on the road it was obvious that it was being used so I knew that parking on the road was out... We wondered around and took some great pictures but no paintings this time... We could have painted down the canyon further but it was a little windy and I just don't think we had it in us - just one of those days. This is a picture of some old barns and cabins grouped together- the snow is beautiful but I am really tiring of it. Oh well, we had fun gabbing all the way up and all the way back-- and Coni finally got to see the very small town? of Jasper.

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