Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The East Bedroom

The East Bedroom was one of the hardest rooms to renovate-- it had been wallpapered and then painted over the top of the wallpaper. Also the ceiling had huge globs of dried joint compound where someone had textured and didn't know what they were doing. One plus was the wood floor; although it was painted dark brown and as I was to find out later- another gray paint layer was under that as well. The top picture is pretty much the end result of this room- although the quarter round is not completely installed yet. The middle picture is halfway through the project- after ripping off the wallpaper -thanks to Jake and Justin with the Trinidad State Junior College class. I painted Hy-Tech barrier coat ( an aluminum paint) and then topped it off with Hy-Tech ceramic beads mixed into the paint- I had a feeling there was absolutely no insulation in the walls so felt that it was worth a try to add these products to my walls- it definitely couldn't hurt. I then rented a sander from Bervig Hardware in Alamosa and sanded the floor- it was really kind of an afterthought because I was thinking about just painting the wood floor in this room since I didn't want to go to the work of stripping it since it was painted. But I just couldn't stand it-- I had to see that wood floor under all of that paint. The wires in the top picture are places I need to add an outlet and I think I might add an electric baseboard heater to this room as a backup if or when the pilot light blows out on my little gas stove. Tomorrow I will show the purple room.

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