Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Renovation Begins

Coni has been bugging me forever to show pictures of the inside of the house/ studio project and I was afraid to because I thought that anyone viewing these pictures would think that I was absolutely NUTS for attempting to renovate this house but now that I am close to finished I feel more comfortable. I must confess that during the summer while painting the outside when I would have to go inside for any reason- I would get very discouraged and wonder if I was NUTS for doing this. It has taken alot of my time as I have done alot of things on my own with the help of my parents and the Trinidad State Junior College building trades class. It has been approximately 6 months since the beginning of this project and as you can see from the pics above it was a mess. The top picture is the living room /kitchen area - I had to strip out that disgusting vinyl which had three layers underneath another top layer and quarter inch plyboard. The middle picture is of the bedroom that I decided to make into my studio- it is on the north side of the house- The carpet had to be stripped- well we'll talk about that later......

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