Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Purple Room

When I first walked into this house the walls were so dark that I couldn't even tell what color it was- it truly was like walking into a cave. The picture on the right has been lightened just a little so you can
actually see the color- basically the boys from Trinidad patched the holes in the walls ( and believe me - there were many- the house looked like a giant piece of swiss cheese) then they shot the walls with texture and I painted them gray- I painted everything light gray, I just wanted the house to seem a little airy and give the feeling of expanse throughout. The floors were just a board substrate so I just painted them - I think I will probably get some kind of area rug and of course will need to get good lighting. This room will be a gallery area as the whole west wall will work extremely well for showing paintings.


Andrew Kottenstette said...

I just discovered your blog via my Feedjit application. (You blog seems a popular destination from my area in Rye, Colorado, just over a couple of mountains). Mind if I list you on my artist links?

artgirl said...

Thanks Andrew, that would be great-I like the links! Sue