Thursday, September 1, 2011

Estes PArk -part 4

Thursday was THE day in Estes Park - the day to hand in work, the day to eat breakfast at Poppies, and media day - which is a day to paint downtown for the people to see us painting and take pictures of us doing our thing. This was the first morning we didn't have to get up at 4:30 to schlep up the mountain with our painting gear and I appreciated it very much.After eating a good breakfast at Poppies ( well actually the restaurant next to Poppies- it is owned by the same people?), we decided to check out Riverside Park as that was where we were to do the quick draw and we thought we would practice painting somewhere in that vicinity.  I found ta nice little scene along the river, a small pond that would work well for the quick draw and set up shop there. Soon along came Jim and Ann Rogers and Jerry and Lucy Ray- two couples that I literally fell in love with- they were like the Estes Park welcome crew for the painters and Jim was the official photographer for the event. They cheered me on and were off- to take more pictures.
This is the view that I had decided to paint for the quick draw and thought I would practice painting.
Riverside View
This was the actual view that I painted- 
I kind of liked this painting so I decided to hand it in for the show competition which meant that I needed to look for a new spot for the quick draw. I actually would have been able to use it for the quick draw as well but it seemed like a redundant thing to do, so I thought I should come back on Friday at 8:30 and look for a new spot.
Thursday afternoon was crazy-four women trying to frame and photograph artwork outside of their hotel room- switching frames, selling frames- absolute craziness- and we were also supposed to go to Chuck and Barbara Mauldin's cabin for supper!-We made it rather late but the food was wonderful and the company was great!


eldon waren said...

Another nice piece. Do you feel all the painting you did brought you to another level in your work? It always seemed to me when the event was over I had painted enough that my work improved. Probably the real up-side to running all over the place and wearing myself out. :)

Susan McCullough said...

I think so Eldon- but I also sarted to question different materials that I use- I sarted comparing different surfaces that I worked on and evaluating their success in the field.. sometimes you can come home a little confused when you question everything you do- did you ever do that?

Jo Anne Neely Gomez said...

Love the natural colors and softness of your painting, looks very peaceful and serene. Much better than the photo.

Susan McCullough said...

Hey Jo Anne! Thank you- i loved Estes Park- now it is time to get ready for Salida- Colorado Mountain Plein Air Festival!