Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Estes Park -part 3

We were to paint with the PAAC group on Wednesday and were up at our regular 4:30 am time slot- honestly it was starting to wear me down at this point and I was getting weary.  The sunrise did not dissapoint however and we were the first ones in the parking lot carrying out gear up the trail in the dark.

I decided to paint a little more of the mountain than one could see - there was so much color on Longs Peak that it was unbelievable.

After painting so early, we met most everyone from the PAAC that had gone up for the day painting and chatted a small amount before taking off to get coffee and pastries. We found a place up by the rock shop  and Eldon was driving up from Denver, asking what the plans were.  Peg annd I and Eldon decided to paint at the Alluvial Fan and although the clouds were building, thought we might be able to pull it off.
We took a while to decide what we were going to paint, I got one fouth of the way through my painting and then the rain let loose! We packed up our gear and Peg wanted to drive around the Rocky Mountain National Park and check it out so we took some pictures
This is a view up higher- almost to the top of the pass-
Peg said all of the green was driving her crazy so I was kind of amazed when she wanted to paint these trees but we did- I haven't really looked at my painting from this attempt- I'm pretty sure that it is unsaveable- but you never know-
That was it for the day- except for a fantastic get together at Barbara Jampolis's house- she had a beautiful home and was a wonderful hostess- we ate fajitas off of her gorgeous deck and I felt truly pampered for the night.


eldon warren said...

Yep! It was a good day. To bad it had to rain and send us packing.

Susan McCullough said...

I was bummed as I thought I had a good start on that Aspen painting I had started- I will have to see if I can finish it. It's just not quite the same though- I would like to finish it on the spot.