Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The PAAC show was packed!

Ulrich Gleiter and Susan McCullough
It was a hot summer night at the annual juried Plein Air Artists Colorado (PAAC) show in Cherry Creek.   Coni and I drove up carrying Uli's art supplies which had been stored in my barn all winter.  Poor Uli was having a rough stretch with staying in airports all night and getting a rental car with bald front tires so he was a little beat.  It was nice to have him come to the very crowded show at Saks though before he and Peg Immel were to take off to the Telluride paint out taking place this week.  I hope that they are having a good time- I can't wait for the report.
Large crowd at the PAAC show

Coni Grant and Don Groesser
Well, the show was so full that many of the artists, myself included, stood outside and talked. I love seeing all of the Denver painters as I don't get to paint with them often - only at the Taos paint out in the spring. And we of course got to see Eldon Warren , a good friend and his wife Debra. I think Eldon and I will finally get to paint together in Estes Park in August.

Peg Immel
Peg, a well known plein air painter,  came to the show with her husband Steve Immel, a well known photographer.  We all (Peg, Steve, Coni, Uli, Erin, my daughter, and I) went to the Bistro Vendome for
desert after the show.  We were hoping to sit on the patio but it didn't work out this time- sad since it is a magical place.


Anonymous said...

We would love to meet Uli some day,we heard good things about him and his work from Coni in class.
Carol Watson

Susan McCullough said...

Hi Carol! How are you doing? Yes, Uli is a really sweet guy and a fabulous painter. He'll be coming this way in the fall so maybe we could work that out somehow.

eldon warren said...

I believe this years PAAC show was the best I've seen with lots of good art and lots of sales. Loved every minute of it including the time spent visiting with old friends. Aug. can't come fast enough.
Estes Park will be the high point of the year!! Can't wait!

Susan McCullough said...

I am SO looking forward to it- all of those beautiful mountains to paint and great company as well- I'm so excited!