Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hearts and Stars Benefit 2010 at Wilder Nightingale

It was a great party at Wilder Nightingale Friday Night - the annual Hearts and Stars Benefit to end Homelessness in Taos.  Here is a picture of (from left) David Montgomery, me, Peg Immel, and Coni Grant. The show will run until December 1 so there is still an opportunity to buy and support the shelter. A little information about the shelter..........

Opening Reception Friday, November 26 from 6-8pm
Since re-opening our new Shelter on April 21, 2010, we have served over 350 men, providing over 1200 bed nights. In addition to a clean bed and the opportunity to shower and do laundry, we serve home cooked dinners which are brought to the Shelter every evening by various members of the community. Our staff gets to know each of the men, who stay with us for more than a night or two, and staff can provide counsel, and will put the men in contact with any agency that may be of assistance. The important thing in these communications, aside from the possible results, is the mutual respect and caring that becomes part of the Shelter’s environment. Under our current operating budget, it is costing us a little over $25 per night to provide these services for each man. 
Coni is talking to Rion Gabriel winding up the end of the evening.

A picture of Kemper Coley, Peg Immel and Steve Immel.

David Montgomery and his wife Cynthia Cutts.

A picture of me and Kemper.

The show always has great food- and Rob works extremely hard writing up sales and trying to keep the momentum going.  Sales were brisk and I have sold one small painting- hopefully I will sell the other.  


Jo Anne Neely Gomez said...

What a wonderful event to be a part of -- good for you Susan, hoping for many good things to happen and huge success!

Susan McCullough said...

Thank you JoAnne- it was great fun!

eldon said...

Looks like you had a good time. Congrats on the sale. Did the other one go too?

Susan McCullough said...

I haven't heard anything on the other one- will keep my fingers crossed though.