Thursday, July 1, 2010

Painting at the Zapata-Medano Ranches

Coni, David and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Zapata Ranch to paint - June 27- 30.  We stayed at the ranch and had the benefit of the fantastic food and scenery that the ranch had to offer. David stayed in the lodge while Coni and I brought my camper.  The view above is right outside the camper door.  The Zapata Ranch is 103,000 acres and is at the base of Mt. Blanca and very close to the sand dunes in Southern Colorado.  There is a huge herd of bison as well as cattle with picturesque cabins and a beautiful old lodge sitting in the trees. There were a total of 28 participating artists this year consisting of wildlife and landscape painters.  I painted the above 8x10 first morning before breakfast- the view was to the east toward the Sangres.


eldon warren said...

Wow! You get quite a bit done before breakfast! Nice piece and it looks like you were off to a heck of a start.
It was cool seeing you and Coni at the PAAC Show last week. Sorry we kept you so long with the blah blah blah.

Susan McCullough said...

Eldon, the blah blah blah was the best part! It was good to see you too. That's the best part of shows- seeing good friends.