Saturday, July 3, 2010

More paintings from the Zapata Ranch

This was painted around noon because I remember that Coni and i were trying to figure out whether to eat and then paint or paint first.  As the clouds were moving in fast we decided to paint first which was the better decision.  This is a view of the dunes- they seemed to glow with the dark mountains behind them.

Later, after supper, we painted toward the west from the ranch- this was quite difficult as we lost our light very quickly.  It was a long day and I kept waking up every morning at about 4:00 and looking at the moon thinking- I really should paint that beautiful moon over the trees...  I just never did.


eldon warren said...

I really like this one painted late in the day. With the light going away things get a little more fluid and automatic. I love it when that happens.

Susan McCullough said...

I was actually happy at how this turned out- it was funny -we kept expecting the sun to peek out from between the horizon line and the clouds and it just never happened- I had to paint most of this from memory until it got so dark I couldn't really see anymore.

MJ said...


Your painting is fantastic. I wish I could paint like you. I will visit again. Murali

Susan McCullough said...

Thank you for your kind comment Murali!