Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun in Creede- Memorial Weekend

Artists in Creede
Here is part of the gang-- Cynthia Cutts, Charlie Ewing, Stephen Quiller, Coni Grant, me, & Rita Roberts.

A quick picture before the quick draw.
I am talking about my painting before the quick draw-- I had done a little study of Aspen up North Clear Creek Falls and did a rendition of that painting- this piece was a little larger- 9x12 while the original plein air was 8x10.

The lucky winner of the quick draw auction -- Joe and Audrey Poxson - thank you Joe and Audrey!! All proceeds of the auction were donated to the Creede chamber for upcoming art events. I think the hand holding the painting belongs to David Montgomery- thanks David!


alison said...

Hey, i am a painter and am doing a bit of research into plein air painters, and have come across your blog. I just want to say that i really like your paintings, you capture the different greens in the trees beautifully, and they feel so light and fresh. Beautiful work!

Susan McCullough said...

Hi Alison--Thanks so much for the kind compliment- I hope that you will keep reading as I am trying very hard to paint a plein air a day- not saying that I will never miss a day- but I am definitely trying to step my work up a notch and I feel this summer is the time to put the hours in.. Thanks again!