Thursday, May 27, 2010

After participating in the Headwaters Trust plein air event, I headed to Santa Maria, a private trout club at the base of Bristol Mountain. Jim and my son Jason had already headed up earlier and so took off at about 3:00 and watched the sky stay completely brown with dust all the way there. It was rather depressing- like a huge fire was burning close by. I got settled in to the fishing trailer and the guys were nowhere to be seen- I thought "could they be fishing in this horrible wind?" Yes they were..

Good thing because Jason woke up with the stomach flu at about 12:30 that night and plans kind of changed.. No more fishing for the guys and I stayed up on the mountain a little longer so that I could at least get one painting done. Since this area is above Creede- it wasn't even close to budding out anywhere so I had a difficult time finding anywhere that was very inspiring.

I finally settled on a group of Aspen in an area out of the wind- oh yeah - the wind was blowing by then..

I painted the above 8x10 and drove home and went through my bout with the stomach flu the next day..


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

wow. you painted with stomach flu?
I'm impressed. I like it.

Susan McCullough said...

Hi Mary-- No I didn't have the stomach flu quite yet-- I truly love to paint but i don't think
I'm quite tough enough to paint with the flu. Lol- I should not have told and left you impressed- right?