Monday, November 16, 2009

Whew- Holiday Art Show Accomplished

Well we survived the holiday art show and it was enjoyable. Here is a picture of my mom and daughter Cami together on the couch with Erin, my other daughter on the chair. I took this picture during some down time but the crowd was pretty steady for all three days.
Here is a picture of Yvette who also helped out at the show- she is a good friend and an art lover.

A picture of the east bedroom..

The front door and the living room

The south bedroom.

I enjoyed having the show and made quite a few sales so it was a nice experience. Mom and I made WAY too much food however and will have to cut back for next year-


eldon warren said...

Great! I'm glad your open house was a success. And some sales just tops it off. You worked hard tho, no doubt. Strange isn't it, how that works. :)

Susan McCullough said...

Hey Eldon-
I agree- with the hard work just getting set up- you really end up earning it.

becky joy said...

Looks like a well hung show. Hope it was a success.

Susan McCullough said...

Hi Becky- it was a successful show and I had a great time!