Friday, October 9, 2009

More Plein Air workshop pictures

A picture of my workshop girls- Front row from left- Rosey Steffens, Heidi Algrim. Top row from left, Dee Bartee, Margaret Jones, Carol Watson, Gina Quintana, Boots Rogers, and Josie Perea

The last day of the workshop- sadly the weather reacted on us again and so the day was spent in the studio- painting from pictures. We had a good day however and the paintings were very well done. We had a critique on the last day and talked about the paintings - above.

This little guy was hoping for handouts while we were out at the La Garita Church.


eldon warren said...

Hey! Sounds like you all had a nice time. Too bad the weather had to mess with ya but you kept on keepin on and got some nice work done.

Susan McCullough said...

I thought they did some great work for the week- they sure worked hard. Thanks!