Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Mexico Plein Air Painters Show

It was a very crowded atmosphere at the Wilder Nightingale gallery in Taos New Mexico for the New Mexico Plein Air Panters (NMPAP) show August 1. The Show was from 5 to 8 but people weren't ready to leave yet as this pic was taken around 8:30- just too much fun!
Here is a picture of Rob Wilder Nightingale- (white shirt) talking to patrons while Kemper Coley is in the foreground.

Kemper looks like he's having a good time.

Coni Grant and Allen Heuer looking a little surprised as I whipped the camara out on them!
All in all it was a fun show - any time I go to Wilder Nightingale for a show I know there is going to be a large crowd of patrons and artists and Coni and I get to catch up with friends on the newest scoop. We didn't sign up in time to actually participate in the paintout but there is always next year and my mouse will be warmed up and ready to strike as the next year paintout may fill up as quickly as this one.


eldon warren said...

Sounds like ya really had a good time. I gotta get out more i think.

artgirl said...

I think you should join the PAAC- we would have so much fun and it is a really good group.