Friday, July 31, 2009

Plein Air of Mount Blanca

It was a beautiful evening and I could see that most likely as the sun was setting it would hit Mt Blanca nicely. I finished cleaning up after dinner and ran over to the ranch to get set up in time. Lo and behold- the clouds stayed away long enough for me to knock out this little painting. I have faced this view many times but usually in the morning which can be too cool for my taste. This scene was warm- just what I was looking for.


eldon warren said...

Hi Susan, Wow, this one is really nice. I most like those large strokes in the trees at left. The trunks of the trees were painted in with sure sure strokes as well. Great job!

artgirl said...

Thanks Eldon, this was a painting that just seemed to flow rather easily- I wish they were all like that.