Friday, February 13, 2009

Rock Creek

Well, Coni and I finally made it to Rock Creek to paint together- it took some time but we made it and on a beautiful day at that. On the way up there were some of those high, white, wispy clouds- the nemeses of every plein air painter but we
had made up our minds and were going to paint! Half way through laying out my painting the high, wispy, clouds disappeared though and I was left with the decision- do I paint this as a high wispy cloudy scene or do I go with the sun........ I went with the sun even though that is totally against my plein air rules.Hey I change the rules when high wispy clouds are involved.

I painted the mountains to the west at the end of the road and I apologize for the image - I took it in the sun and it has some glare spots- shadows too. I took a picture of Coni with her painting and will have to get it in my next post.

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