Monday, February 9, 2009

Nomadas del Arte 2009

After searching for what seems like hours on my computer looking for certain picture files, I finally found pictures of the paintings I am submitting for the Nomadas show. I guess I just happen to keep my computer files as organized as I do my other files- pathetically messy!
The picture above was painted in May at about 6:30 in the morning and was just fun to paint.
This painting was done quickly as my sweet family was not so patiently waiting for me to finish so that we could go home. I fell down and ripped the knee on my pants trying to load up everything in a hurry as they sat there and watched..... finally, they must have felt sorry for me and came to the rescue and helped out. I guess they figured that we could get going a little faster that way.
These paintings will be in the Nomadas del Arte show at the Southwest Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

Please make plans attend the Nόmadas del Arte show opening April 3rd 2009 at the Southwest Gallery of Dallas. There will be paintings of 200 artists displayed at the show.


Cindy Carrillo said...

Susan, love the top painting- and I can surely relate to having to hurry up painting when family you are with are ready to eat, or go. Hope to meet you some time at a PAAC event or Nomadas.
Cindy Carrillo
Tempe, AZ

artgirl said...

Hi Cindy, it would be great to meet you too- I really like your work- it would be fun to paint together some time...