Monday, July 7, 2008

And the winner is..........

I don't have any pictures to post right now- I have been so busy trying to fix up my new studio /gallery that I will be moving into when it becomes a little less disastrous. You'll see real soon what I'm talking about. Well, I will be talking about that later- with pictures of course- but for now I want to talk about the cool workshop that I won with MATT SMITH in January!!!!! Yippee!! I took a workshop with Matt and Ralph Oberg about 5 years ago and really wanted to take one with Matt again but you actually have to be sitting next to your computer with your hand on the mouse ready to jump in the minute they open the class or you will miss out ; I just can't seem to jump to it as fast as other individuals..... I seem to always be a day late rather than a few minutes late so when I signed up for the contest through Sourcetek- I kept thinking about it once in awhile and would check in. Then everyone got an e-mail on June 30 announcing that they would draw names the next day - I thought cool- not really thinking much about it because the possibility of winning seemed really out of reach at the time. I was so shocked when Will Pierce called me on July 2 and said I had won- I was a blithering idiot but he was very nice. I am excited - Matt is a great guy and it will be good to see him again and I will glean as much info as possible because I don't think I was really truly ready for him the last time I took his class- I will be this time! Thank you Sourcetek!

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