Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Western Light III Show

We had a beautiful show for us at Earthwood Collections Gallery in Estes Park.  Ann and Ron Wilcocks do everything first class and this show was no exception. I was very happy to have sold a larger painting - "Early Morning at Lily Lake" to Sy and Julia Shahid from The Dallas area.  Sy was planning on putting this painting in the Heard museum. No matter where they decide to hang it,  I'm glad to know it will have a good home.  They were a very nice couple.

 "Early Morning at Lily Lake"

Peggy Immel talking to Terry Sanchez- with David Montgomery
talking to someone in the background.
Ann and Ron treated us so well the whole time we were in Estes Park.  They invited us to a small artist party at their home with a barbecue and took the whole group to lunch at a great little Thai place and took us out for coffee Thursday morning. They definitely treat their artists like family.  I was blown away by their kindness and am so glad to be a part of their stable of artists.

I was also able to see my great friends Lucy and Jerry Rey (collectors as well) and Jim and Ann Rogers- great people- it was so good to see them and catch up from last year.

We went to Peggy's show Saturday night-at the Cultural Arts Center.  Peggy's work looked beautiful on the walls- it was a nice show.  Peggy won an award- woohoo!  We left for some supper at a great little Mexican food place close to out motel- and took off Sunday for home.


Andrew Piller said...

Was it a photo exhibition? A nice painting are shown in below. It's an awesome.

Susan McCullough said...

Hi Andrew, no it was just a painting show- no photographs. Thanks!