Friday, September 7, 2012

Painting and Coffee

Thursday morning Ron Wilcocks from Earthwood Gallery took all of us out for coffee and afterwards we were to paint downtown.  Everyone ended up painting close to Kind Coffee as there was a park area with bridge, river, and stream. Again it was cloudy and rather dark as I painted under the bridge- I really should have named this painting "Troll under the Bridge" as David Montgomery, who was standing on the bridge, kept referring to us as the trolls.

Some wonderful collectors of mine, Jerry and Lucy Rey from Texas stopped to visit me- I just love them - they are like family, always rooting for you whether you deserve it or not. I can't even remember what we did Thursday afternoon- I guess I need to take some memory pills.


Andrew Piller said...

I am not understanding about your article title. Is it matching?

But your post images was nice and I always see to my dream that I will live at the side of forest.

Susan McCullough said...

Hi Andrew- you are right- my title is a little strange- sorry about that.. I forgot to mention that
i was trying to drink coffee and paint at the same time which is rather hard to do when you are as messy of a painter as I am.