Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Busy fall

Red Chevy
I painted yesterday in Taos with Peg Immel and part of the Thursday painter outdoor group- the other half went to Truchas to paint.  The group was painting at the Martinez Hacienda and the colors were wonderful so we set up and painted looking towards the east?  I think...  Well here is the painting...
I took Peg her paintings from the Estes Park show and picked paintings up from the Millicent Rogers Museum gallery PAPNM show- I sold my "Standing Alone" painting from Millicent -woohoo!
OF course for luch- where we we go?- none other than the Guadalajara Grill- what a treat.

I was privileged to meet some of the ladies of the painting group- Sarah and another Peggy- was disappointed that Kemper and Ken went to Truchas. Peg and I visited a few Taos Galleries- Total Arts (of course) we can't pass up on it... and a new gallery called Copper Moon?? ( I think that is the name )
a nice little gallery and of course Wilder Nightingale where Peg and I both have our paintings on display. We visited with Rob Nightingale for awhile and then I took off for the 2 hour trip home with David's and my paintings and two poinsettias for Coni from Peg, two gorgeous scarves from Peg as gifts for Coni and I from Peg's trip to France, and my painting gear with a few assorted boxes. A car full. I always have fun going to Taos- it is a treat and the drive is an easy one- there is never that much traffic to deal with. 

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