Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Monte Vista Potato Festival

Bunny Boy
Most boys want a monster or some kind of super hero but this little guy opted for a bunny.
Well, this Saturday was the Monte Vista Potato Festival and quite seriously I was kind of dreading it.  Sharon McCoy and I are the Festival Chairpersons for these small events and even though it is not a whole incredible amount of work, it is kind of like lining up a garage sale. Get the starting money for the event,  make the signs, bring the receipt book (which i always forget), tables, chairs, tents, merchandise; well you get the idea. Sharon and I decided we would do the face painting for the booth this time as we wanted to donate all of the poceeds to MAC (Monte Arts Council).

Well, I only had face painted once this summer- (a leg actually) at the fiber arts festival and I really didn't enjoy it that much. Maybe I used the wrong brush or MAYBE it was that fact that I really didn't know what I was doing.  So, I planned on Sharon painting most of the faces and I would help if she got too busy.
She did get a rush and I had to step in- a little tough since we only had one face painting book between the two of us....

There he goes!
But, something happened- I really enjoyed it- REALLY! The children are adorable and the looks on their faces after being painted is priceless. And we made alot of money for MAC to boot!

This little guy was tuckered out after playing so hard at the festival. He just collapsed with his ball as a pillow in the park. We also helped with the potato decorating contest- wow - we have a lot of aspiring artists in the San Luis Valley! The event was well run and attended- kudos to all of the folks that made this event so successful!

Speaking of art I have posted this painting on the Daily Paintworks Webpage.  It is a 6x8 and sells for $125.00. It is a painting of Flat Top Mountain looking towards the south from my house.


Jim Rogers Photography said...

Just getting signed up to your blog and love your Flattop Mountain, and especially your subdued treatment of the sky. And the sunflowers remind me of some shots I took in Santa Fe on the way back to Dallas. All three of these entries on your blog make me want to head back to the mountains. Good work on all counts.

Susan McCullough said...

Hey Jim! Nice to hear from you and thank you so much!
I hope that Dallas has cooled down a little so that you won't be miserable- yes, the mountains are pretty nice but I can feel a real chill in the air- and visions of the long cold winters keep popping up once in a while. Talk to you soon!