Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cattails at the Ranch

Fall is in the air and I went to the ranch to paint on Monday Afternoon.  I noticed that the cattails are turning a lovely deep red color and so I painted this scene looking towards the Rio Grande River. I have posted this on the Daily Paintworks site and put it up for auction starting at $75.00. All proceeds of this sale will go to the Help the Children of Africa fund.  The UN has said up to 400,000 children in the Horn of Africa could die without aid and up to 11 million people require food assistance. In March of this year, over 1,500 artists and buyers stepped up and sold and bought fine art, through our Help Japan Challenge, to help the people of Japan. We hope to create the same opportunity to help the children starving in the Horn of Africa due to the devistating dought. To make bid, click here

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