Monday, July 25, 2011

The Blumenschein

Taos is pretty hot right now but that didn't keep me from driving over and meeting up with some good friends.  Rich Gallego came out from California to teach a painting workshop and was hoping that Coni and I could drive over and paint with him.  Coni had company so I took off solo and met up with Rich, his friend Debbie who was there to take his class, and my good friend Peggy Immel.  It was a tosaty day but I stood under the eaves of the Blumenshein museum - I pretty much had it made. Afterwards we went to the Guadalajara Grill, one of my favorite eating places in Taos and talked for about two hours.

I am grateful that we are allowed to paint on the museum grounds as the flowers are beautiful.
Blumenschein Hollyhocks


eldon warren said...

Hollyhocks are cool flowers to paint. Your painting makes me want to go out and find some. I think I know where to go.
See you in Aug. Let me know when you're going to be in Estes.

Susan McCullough said...

Hi Eldon- Hope you find some good hollyhocks to paint! I will send you an e-mail soon and we can make some plans- can't wait!