Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alamosa Art Walk

County Courthouse
It was a beautiful day for the Alamosa artwalk- Coni and I were not too sure whether we could trust the weather report that it was supposed to be beautiful so we arrived downtown at about 8:30 and got to work. I picked this view of the Alamosa County Courthouse and got to work.  Problem was, this view required me to stand on the shady side of the street and I about froze! It is a beautiful building and I had fun painting it. We then visited David in his studio....

He is quite fortunate to have a studio overlooking the downtown area in the historic Masonic building.

This little goat was visiting the artwalk as well- what a treat!

Rita Carlucci is basking in the sun while selling her goods.  She also gave us a preview of the new Colorado Sports store about to open.  It's going to be very nice.


eldon said...

Wow!! Sorry you had to stand in the cold. It's amazing what we'll do when inspiration strikes. Nice piece tho. It was worth it I bet.

Susan McCullough said...

Yes it was worth it - it's amazing how cold it can be early in the morning even if it is on a nice day. The price we pay......