Friday, December 17, 2010

The Zapata Show in Denver

 The Zapata show was this last weekend in Denver, Colorado at the Design Center.  The Zapata/ Medana paintout took place last June and we painted  the beauty of the ranch which is a conservation land trust area- the artists are there to portray life in the wild west- bison, cowboys, cows, and horses.
The paintout lasted for three days and the artists lived in the bunkhouses of the ranch.  Artists didn't have to paint while they were there but the three days were primarily an information gathering time for photographers, printmakers, and studio painters to immerse oneself in the beauty of the ranch in order to present art for a later show. A few of us did paint at the ranch since we are plein painters but the paintings I presented for the show were studio paintings.

The show was in the Columbine showroom- a beautiful venue with great food and company. The show lasted only three hours which makes it hard for patrons to just think about it for awhile.
A group of artists and Patrons at the Design Center in Denver

My small buffalo painting on a table in the show-  I don't normally paint wildlife but I do like to do small wildlife paintings- this was 5x7.
Lots of food!! 

My large buffalo painting- this was a little too contemporary for this show- I will definitely keep the traditional thought in mind next year for this show- lesson learned.

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