Friday, October 8, 2010

The Millicent Rogers Museum

"The Spirit of Place" juried art show for the New Mexico Plein Air Painters will be held at the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos starting this Saturday, October 9.  The reception will be from 5 to 7 and I wish that I could go but my youngest son has a football game and as he is the quarterback, I sit on the sidelines praying that he doesn't get hurt with car keys in hand ready for a quick trip to the hospital in case he does.  It is unerving but we have been blessed so far (only a few bruised ribs) and since this is his senior year, I know that I won't be doing this next year so I'm enjoying it (that is when I am not worrying about him getting hurt).

Coni and I drove over to Taos to help Peg Immel unpack the paintings- we really didn't do much- mostly sat around and talked which was good for me.   I met a few more New Mexico artists- Bill Gallen for one, of which I am a big fan...

Well, Coni Grant and David Montgomery and his wife Cynthia (maybe) will be making the trip over so I will get to find out how the show went from them.

Honestly, the venue is beautiful. Anyone should be honored to have their painting hang at this very beautiful museum and it is true New Mexico. What I mean by that is this museum embodies the true ideal of what a New Mexico Museum looks like in my mind, low adobe ceilings, pretty courtyard, excellent lighting. Well, enough carrying on-- these are the paintings that I got accepted into the show.

This painting is called "Creek by Amalia" - we were visiting Randy Pijoan in Amalia, New Mexico - actually, Randy's studio in Amalia was profiled in the last issue of Southwest Art magazine.  The day we visited Randy, in January or February, it was so cold that Coni got super chilled - I was quite lucky to have stayed warm enough to finish this piece.

This is the other painting that will be in the show- a water painting - it is a Colorado scene and I do love painting water.

The show will be hanging in the museum until November 14, and Coni and I will get to drive over to Taos, pick up our paintings and visit some of our good friends, Peg, hopefully Kemper, and of course Rob.  Check out the show- it will be a good one.


evat said...

Hi , you always paint in easily nicely way , I think you are proficient painter . i like the reflection on water , it seems so beautifull . all best for you .

Sumit Sarkar said... are an amazing painter....
they are so beautiful... :)

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Susan McCullough said...

Thank you everyone, I appreciate the kind remarks.

eldon said...

Haven't I seen Creek by Amalia? If I haven't said, it's one nice piece of work.