Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Bunny at the Ranch

I haven't been painting plein air much lately- well as much as I would like -too many trips and then catchup time but I have still been painting.  I decided to just work on drawing skills and trying to concentrate on details for a change of pace.  This small bunny was at the ranch this summer and wasn't too afraid - so I was able to snap off a few shots.   This was painted on illustration board with a coat of amber shellac- (thank you for the tip Marc Hanson). It is small 5x7, but it was a nice change from plein air.


eldon said...

Another nice piece!
Splaine to me please about the illustration board and the shellac. :)

Susan McCullough said...

Marc had talked about it on facebook- and I think that Lori McNee did a post on it on her blog-step by step-
You buy 8-ply illustration board (100% cotton rag)- warning- it isn't cheap- and cut it up into size 8x10- he says it will warp over that size, and put amber or orange shellac on it- the kind that you buy at any old hardware store. It is a little tough to cut but I like the surface- it has a nice drag to it.