Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bison at the Zapata Show

The Art Show from the Zapata-Medano paint out will be at the Chico Basin Ranch Saturday, September 4, from 1 to 4pm - and is called "The Artists Gathering". Chico Basin Ranch is located Southest of Colorado Springs.  This is a painting that will be in the show- "Bison with Dunes" 18x14 - painted from the Medano Ranch area....

This is a 16x20 painting called "Lone Bison".  This great creature knew I was taking pictures and posed quite well for me- I should have done some small paintings on site- well, maybe next time.

This 12x16 painting was completed "en plein air" above the Zapata ranch one morning.

I painted this from the Zapata Ranch- mostly in the dark as it was a little later than we had thought- this is a 9x16.
This was a small plein air that I did - it rained, the sun came out, then it rained, very confusing on shadow patterns.

Well, I hope there is a great turn out for this event- I want to go so badly but they changed my sons football game to the exact same time in Walsenburg- so I'm really torn- I'm going to have to be a little creative here to work it out...... the Chico Basin Ranch has a great website and has a good explanation on "The Artists Gathering"- check it out!


evat said...

Hi , I think , it is wonderful for painter to walk across fields and enjoy painting all these beautifull things that he will see , it is a beauty of nuture . nice work . have good time .

Susan McCullough said...

Thank you evat- I think the reason why I do like to paint plein air is for the very reasons you stated--it is always a better experience to paint from life than from a picture-- the whole sensory thing..