Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soward Ranch paint out

On the last post I ahowed a picture of Bristol Head Mountain from the west looking at the mountain.  Well, we drove to the Soward Ranch and this is the view looking at the mountain from the east.  It was really obscurred by fog and honestly, very dramatic.  Here is a better picture of the mountain-----

I decided to give it a shot for my first painting for the paint out-- the weather had been rather rainy but was clearing fast so I really thought I could pull this off-- I never seem to get to paint mountains as much as I'd like so decided to do it when halfway through the painting the wind started to blow-- HORRIBLY-- I was standing by David Montgomery and he wisely moved close to some shelter.  I couldn't because I was painting with a pond in the front of me and had decided to put it in the painting- so I was stuck.  My umbrella flew off- and I retrieved it and just kept painting..  It's funny- when painting outside I have developed some type of concentration that earlier in my painting years, would not have been able to keep.  Also I am fortunate to have a Soltek easel that is like a rock in the wind..

I was finally able to finish..

As you can see- I pushed the drama of this mountain and I am now working on a larger version of this painting. .. I noticed that my painting is much lighter than the picture of Bristol and I really was able to see much more into the shadows than the picture shows- that's why I hate to paint from pictures.. Afterwards I tried to hang out by this cool building..
And get a little out of the wind before I started my next painting.


evat said...

Hi , nice one . beautiful colours.

Susan McCullough said...

Thank you evat!