Friday, June 25, 2010

Crestone Peak

I painted this earlier in the summer-- this is about as far as I can get to this peak from the west-- I took county road d - close to the Sand Dunes Swimming Pool and started driving east until I reached the gate which says no entry- Wildlife Refuge.  I've been here before and would love to keep on driving but I don't want to face dire consequences doing so.  The clouds were dancing in and out of the mountains creating beautiful shadows on the peaks.  I see this peak every day from my house and it's shape mesmerizes me. It still has snow on it in the cone part of the mountain and stays longer than any other snow field along the range.  The bugs were horrible- little biting flies.. and little beautiful green iridescent bugs- maybe they were flies, I'm not sure.

Well today Coni and I are traveling to Denver for the PAAC show at Saks Gallery in Cherry Creek. The show is this evening from 5 to 9- I'm so excited.  I'm hoping to see my daughter Erin while I'm there and honestly, it will be nice to get out of the valley for awhile.


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