Thursday, May 6, 2010

A picture of Coni and David hanging the show at the SLV Brewery.

Three Painters- Three Friends- Three Points of View

An ensemble art show is currently being shown at the San Luis Valley Brewing Company in downtown Alamosa. The three artists, David Montgomery, Susan McCullough and Coni Grant, all share a love of oil painting and offer the viewer different interpretations of the landscape.

Lifelong painter, conservationist and interpreter of the landscape, David Montgomery from Alamosa creates work that highlights the glory of nature and is a celebration of the harmony found in that natural world.

Susan McCullough paints the West with the exuberance and understanding that only comes from a lifetime of focused observation and inspiration with a passion to see and reveal the landscape “en plein air” or painting out doors. Susan lives in Monte Vista.

Also a plein air painter, Coni Grant uses her design background together with innovative color ideas to express a view of the landscape that is distinctive and contemporary. Coni is also an art educator and lives in Alamosa.

David, Susan and Coni can often be found painting together in Colorado and New Mexico, enjoying the camaraderie of friendship and a common interest in painting on location.
All three painters are full time professionals and show their work in various galleries inColorado, New Mexico and Wyoming.
This exhibit is being shown at the San Luis Valley Brewing Company in Alamosa during regular business hours for the month of May.

A few paintings hanging on the east wall of the Brewery.

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eldon warren said...

Hi Susan. From what I see it's a realy good looking show. I'd like to see more. I wish you all the best of luck. Keep us posted please.