Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Morada

The first day of the Taos paint out, Coni and I decided to paint the Morada with the High Desert Painters. We wanted to also meet up with Kemper Coley so we all were to gather up at Wilder Nightingale and head on over. Kemper wasn't there so we set out on our own - three vehicles in a caravan and headed over to the Morada - there was one small issue- neither Coni or I could remember which street to turn onto from Kit Carson-- we ended up getting lost and Kemper, who was already at the church had to drive over and lead us in-- slightly embarrassing..

The weather was beautiful and although everything is way behind in Taos as far as budding out and blooming, it was still very beautiful. Ken Daggett was painting in this great spot along a rode to the north - Kemper and I set up on the same road.

This is the view I got -- I had painted this earlier in the winter from the west- check it out-


eldon said...

I wish I had found a way to have gone to Taos to paint. I see all these fine paintings from this years paint out and I know I missed an opportunity. Nice piece Susan.

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks Eldon-- Next year you HAVE to go- you would love it!