Monday, May 3, 2010

Cattle Drive in the Wild West

Last Wednesday I had to drive to Ft Collins as my daughter was to be inducted into an honor society at CSU. As I headed to the north on 285, I noticed that cars were stopping and I was about to witness a cattle crossing.. I love cattle drives and always reach for my camara when having the pleasure of seeing one. This was a quick cross the road type of event so it didn't take long.

One of the dogs was getting just a little too bossy and this mama cow just couldn't take it any longer. She decided that she had ENOUGH! The dog did win though..

And they safely crossed and we were on our way again. I just love the fact that a highway can get shut down for a cattle drive- it's part of that Colorado lifestyle that I love- part of being connected to the west.. yeah the WILD WEST!


Ralph said...

These are some really nice pics, I guess you just kind of miss these things when you move to the city. Nothing like being close to the nature itself. Pay Per Click Services

Susan McCullough said...

Thanks Ralph- you are so right...